Jackson Heart Clinic, P.A. was established in 1973 by Drs. James C. Hays and James L. Crosthwait. Along with Dr. Quinton H. Dickerson, these three physicians were instrumental in the formation of the Mississippi Heart and Vascular Institute and the opening of the cardiac catheterization laboratory at St. Dominic's Hospital. After several moves and many additions, JHC is now located on the fifth and sixth floors of the Dominican Plaza, along with clinics in Ridgeland, Flowood, Brookhaven, and Ruleville. The clinic employs over 100 personnel including nurses, medical technicians, and administration. JHC is also one of the largest cardiology groups in the state of Mississippi, which consists of board-certified cardiologists that cover all realms of specialties such as general and invasive cardiology, peripheral artery disease, and electrophysiology.

JHC provides state-of-the-art cardiovascular care to our patients with the utmost integrity and compassion without regard to social or cultural status. Our patients always come first. We are committed to providing the best service to our patients in the most comprehensive and cost-effective way. JHC is also committed to our community and believes that through education and increased awareness that we can help fight the war against heart disease that so profoundly affects our state. It is because of our strong commitment that the Jackson Heart Foundation was formed. This is a non-profit organization that is aimed at promoting and safeguarding the cardiovascular health of our community by empowering people through education and encouraging healthy lifestyles for our families. It is this level of dedication that JHC brings not only to the greater Jackson area but also to the rural towns of central Mississippi.

portrait of doctors James C. Hays, James L. Crosthwait, Quinton H. Dickerson

Our Mission

Jackson Heart Clinic is a unique team of independent cardiovascular specialists committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the patients and families we serve. Our mission is to set the standard in the delivery of quality, personalized care. We believe the needs of our patients come first.