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Get Heart Smart with MS Children’s Museum – This outreach program was developed to educate children regarding three facets of heart health through an innovative, interactive program model that can travel throughout the state. In the Get Heart Smart program, students learn about the anatomy of the circulatory system and its primary functions using a larger-than-life heart and lungs floor map. They will also discuss making healthy choices regarding food, sleep, and exercise as well as the impact good citizenship can make on one’s health.



  1. Provide underserved children with access to a health-science based program specifically related to heart health without incurring transportation cost or additional cost to students and families
  2. Distribute printed curriculum, program model and resources to schools statewide
  3. Establish fitness and health literacy programming specifically geared to lower socio-economic levels
  4. Positively impact overall health and well-being of students within Central Mississippi and serve as a catalyst for long-term improvement
  5. Fill programmatic gap for students created by the need for additional educational resources

Since launching this program in 2013, more than 1,100 students visiting the museum and 3,500 children from across the state have experienced this hands-on, educational, and fun program.

Here are a few locations Get Heart Smart has visited across the state:

  • Raymond Road Boys and Girls Club
  • Medgar Evers Library
  • Boys and Girls Club of Jackson
  • Operation Shoestring
  • Stewpot Community Services
  • Picayune School District
  • Spann Elementary
  • Union County School District

Combination Oven Placement in School Systems

Over the last three years, JHF has raised funds to support the purchase and installation of combination ovens for 15 schools within the Jackson Public School System. By replacing fryers with a combi oven, this will significantly increase the healthy food choices available to kids in the Jackson Metro school systems. Our goal is to turn the cafeterias into a classroom, not just a place of eating.


JHF funded school ovens listed below:

  • Brinkley
  • Dawson
  • Walton
  • Galloway
  • Green
  • McWillie
  • Smith
  • Van Winkle
  • Marshall
  • John Hopkins
  • Johnston
  • McLeod
  • Baker
  • Sykes
  • Lake

Mission First Playground

Funds raised to purchase and install new playground equipment for an early learning center and after school program. Both of these programs will benefit greatly from new playground equipment and provide many children with the opportunity to play outside and encourage physical movement in a safe play environment. Studies have shown that participating in physical movement and simply playing outside increase productivity in the classroom and better enhance children’s focus.

COVID-19 response in our local community

Jackson Heart Foundation provided meals for over 300 first responders in the Jackson Metro (Hinds, Rankin and Madison Counties) during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Through a partnership with Elvie’s restaurant and Sow Reap Feed, 1000 meals (including breakfast, lunch and two snacks) were packed and delivered to the following distribution points around the Jackson Metro area for children in need while out of school during quarantine:

  • 100 meals to Mission First Campus
  • 200 meals to YMCA
  • 75 meals to Canton Public Schools
  • 625 meals to Jackson Meals Matter / City of Jackson Public Schools