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Heart Beats of Jackson is an annual cardiovascular health screening hosted by the Jackson Heart Foundation and a local chamber, along with local community hospitals.

This event has touched nearly 1,500 lives in Jackson, MS, and the healthcare providers have performed tests costing approximately $1,861,500. Screenings include an EKG, ABI, echocardiogram, lipid panel, and a doctor consultation. The medical staff involved in performing the screenings includes approximately 35 cardiologists and approximately 100 nurses, med techs, lab techs, and other personnel. This event has been extremely successful and has received much support from the community.

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Resources for health education throughout the school systems in MS are starting to pick back up. The foundation is working with Baptist Health Foundation to provide a comprehensive online curriculum resource on health education for grades K-12. The curriculum will be available to 18 counties and 34 school districts. This curriculum meets national and state health education standards, contains cross-curricular information, has access to numerous background resources and is customizable to each school’s needs.

Mississippi leads the nation in obesity and poor health factors. The goal of the Fit 4 Series is to take Mississippi out of this category. With success of programs like Fit 4 Change and Fit 4 Teaching, state legislators and teachers have lead the way by losing over 10,000 lbs. Another goal of the Fit 4 Teaching is to reach Mississippians that would otherwise not be able to afford and experience the benefits of a fitness program.

In 2014, Fit4Change kicked off with over 140 participants. Participants included legislators, governor staff, and state employees.

Jackson Heart FoundationOur work with this program included promoting good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle for the after-school children at Mission First, alongside the Junior League of Jackson. “Heart disease affects millions of people. And now our youngest generation is at risk because of childhood obesity. If we can teach them the importance of making healthy decisions regarding nutrition and exercise, then we will help make a difference in the health of our future generations,” says Clay Hays, MD.

We joined H&R Block and other local businesses and reached out to the community by providing educational materials and a small health screening. The Jackson Heart
Foundation did a lipid test on those who were interested.

The Beyond Therapy Pediatric Group in Ridgeland, MS hosted the first annual “Youngest Loser” in the summer of 2011. The focus is to help obese children lose weight in a healthy manner and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Doctors, Rick Guynes and Clay Hays, took the time, along with volunteers from the Jackson Heart Clinic, to lead the group in biking close to five miles on the Natchez Trace bike trail. We also provided a lipid screening and educational talk for the parents. The foundation looks forward to working on this project every year.