Zoll HF OPT, Dr. Colley, Dr. Stokes, Dr. Cotten
VIVID, Dr. Colley
Paradise, Dr. Guynes, Dr. Hays
Diamond II, Dr. Colley
XIENCE 28 DAPT, Dr. B. Bennett, Dr. Young
Chocolate Touch, Dr. Crowder, Dr. G. Bennett
Cobra, Dr. G. Bennett, Dr. Crowder, Dr. B Bennett
AEGIS II, Dr. B. Bennett, Dr. Hays, Dr. Young
CADFEM, Dr. B. Bennett
ZOLL BMAD TX, Dr. Stokes
ABBOTT Tactiflex PAF, Dr. Colley
AMGEN cvMobious, Dr. B. Bennett
Novartis Paraglide, Dr. Hays
All of our currently enrolling studies can be looked up at https://clinicaltrials.gov/